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North American-made, eco-friendly apparel

The North American plastics industry is reusing its own materials in day-to-day business to demonstrate its commitment to zero waste and keep our products out of North America’s land fills. resinGEAR is the industry’s own private line of corporate, industrial and promotional apparel all made from recycled plastics and refashioned into gear that is used again in business every day.

Why Buy resinGEAR Products?

  • Support your industry - A portion of all resinGEAR proceeds go back to the industry associations advocating on your behalf at all levels of government to protect North American jobs and advance zero waste initiatives.
  • Buy North American - Support the North American plastics industry’s 977,000 employees and their families.
  • Walk the walk - Show your customers and your community that you are committed to keeping your products out of America's landfills.
  • Promote your brand - with customizable apparel while demonstrating your commitment to zero waste.

Made in North America

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Endorsed by North American plastics trade associations, including SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association

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100% recyclable

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